9/11 and David Cameron

All evidence  points to David Cameron being responsible for 9/11 along with Nick Clegg.

1.  Cameron hated Tony Blair.

2. David Cameron has hated me since 1989 when I was held accountable for opening the door to Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair copied me and my interests to created the Third Way in 1994

3. He hated Bill Clinton for stopping a Conservative invasion of South Africa in 1997 as well as me and wanted to hit Goldman Sachs which is a part of Saul Goldman’s dynasty (ANC).

4.  This is why Tony Mileham tried to kill me. Along with Christian Figenschou of Quest of Magnus Malan.

5.  Osama bin Laden was actually Sikh, dedicated to serving the Red Arm of Britain, of William of Orange back in the 1700’s when Britain first invaded India.

6.  The Conservative Manifesto for Cameron – “The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orange”.

7. Serving the Celebrity (Orange in code as per Jon Snow of the BBC) Bill Clinton as in serving him and fucking him.  “The end of the American Dream” is his book.

8. The colours of Bath University extended to the BBC via Pamela Stephenson Hollywood Psychiatrist.  Ex wife of comedian Billy Connolly.

9.  Magnus Malan is known as Mr Pharmacist here cf. The Fall the Band who sued to wear Nazi Uniforms on stage.

10  Chris Kirk of Tony Mileham’s Group used to serve up “pills” as per a Pharmacist.  And Psychiatrists.

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