To be blind to colour

is only to hear the beauty in you voice

To see not the image of you in the smile

between my ears

To hear only smooth words without

domination in the voice

makes for the timous

relation with seeming use

of the time called the old son

and the work of the raven

becomes one of the working

class and not

the rate of all things called

the right and wrong

and that makes it pure

without the us of all the wrong and right

It is without sanctitude that I preach against the Laws

of the Farewell

and again I say

that You Ken Livingstone

are the living hell against

which we preached and that means you are the wrong kind of dude

for the Christmas of this yearning and you shall have wrong-timed

use of the words of God called

the Righ and Left as you narrow-mindedly askance – what is it that I can

do to stop me from being

the Rhett Butler of the Age called




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