It is a fact that the cars tell a story as they

self-drive their way through my life

it is not what I see but what I hear as

they go by

and that makes it all see/hear into shape

as the run to the EU

with Ernst and Young to defend

me to the cost of their

useful lives

like the one called Junkhers

who knows it is Cameron

who wants to defend all the timely

changes to the institution

of banking without making

calls of Nature

to the one who knows it – Barrack

who wants to call me to the dock

and stand for it


It is about the one who isn’t here

called Tobin and the use

of the liberal ideas

of tax to be able

to make it

all the way

to the arms

of the one

who used to object so strongly

and now just sits

and whiles away the time

waiting for me

to do the job

of opening up the doors again

but I will not push this


pulling is what its alliance about as you smell

and wonder

does it pong

or is it sensitivity

that makes it all the way

to the end?

It is the police who with their

fascist reactions have been killing me with their

terms of crying

for they knowledge it is too

long for me

to be able to make

it to the going

of the faithful…

or is it?

It is wrong to believe that Madiba is dead

for he is with here and now

and not then and buying to

it is about time you knew it

for I am blessed with an inner sight/sound

that makes your alliance far to vending and wrong

to believe I am helpful

to your cause of light

and fantasy.


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