It is not me who is equals with you it is my one

with God who knows it better

than you and you know it well

for you are better than them one called the right thing

who knew it and come down from the edge

of town with the walk

of love called the right now

and then they asked for the right

one to be here.


It was not the first but the last

thing one their minds when they

all sat and gave birth

to the way of it

called the Real and the Way

and that is why

they gave it to

the ron of it and the


for it mattered not when it be then

and themselves

but rather who

and not their weights in gold

but their asking in presence of the

Lord our God

but it seems that they knew

it becomes the right and the left

not the foot and the devil

and it so means

the right and the wrong

and not the wrong


and the right.



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