There once grew a short young try-maker

who knew not how to throw

it took a long time for it to pass

that he would be a massive hit with

the youth of SA if he could

make it to the end of

the row without being in the wrong


but he couldn’t do it without

knowing how to make it



He knew if he could that he would

be the one who couldn’t make it to Madiba’s farm

but one of the youths of his age

could make it if he went

through the passing phase unnoticed

and passed the exam of being old

again without being

wrong for it.


He couldn’t do it so he asked for it

to be young and not swearing, he stood

by and watched the rest of the ou’s

fly from the wereld into the arms

of loved ones who knew

that it would be young when he got there

and not the other way round and so

it grew into a huge

mundible frankness about which

he could only say:

I love you Charlieze!



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