As it fell out of my eyes I knew

it would be able to make it in to

the word of the mind that would

like the start of it and put it

into words that I would like to be here

when you ask me to be

and then it would all fall into

the wave of indifference that

makes you all understand that

it is about time you could all see

it for what it was

a miracle of Spring that couldn’t open your eyes and get

the wrong-timed use

of the word


into usage of the Arab tongue

like the throbbing of the world called

Ahab the Great

that does not sing for us

but open the movement

to the bringer

of glad tidings and he is about

to make it all the way into

the air about which we breathe

and that makes it all the

#same and that makes it all

the same again.

I will be open and all#

the start of the brotherhood

known as the IS as it now owns

the oak that wields the right

of man to free the dominance

of their land

with the weak and strong use

of violent means to open the door

to make you all understand

that it is without doubt the right of all to self-determination that makes

us all go down the path to revolutionary thinking

without breaking up the footpath

with use of a sword-like

shrinking of ‘newal and verve

like the source of all things

it is good to start

and bad to open

and that makes it all go down and that is bad

for is is not the opening

but the slough of it all

known as the right of man and that makes it all separately from the rest

and go to the throb of it

and that is why you hate me for it is not the start

but the finish of it all and they go and go and go

and that makes it wrong and that is why.



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