I see you wear no protection

as you dance around the floor

looking at me so inviting

as you long for my endur-

ing look of fealty and growth

that will sure as hell

make you want more than

all the rocks in the solvent

called earth that looks to

the sun and asks

what is the decider who can make

it to the ball and he decided later

that you are wrong

for all things called

the right and wrong

like you know the world

can see your ass



Your gusset sniped look

of fair weather

shall make me

take to the door

I will not be the setter

of you red and white

souffle’d look of dour

need and hate of all

things about me

that flop with a rigid candour

that you cannot escape with you nose

to the floor.

Flash goes the light

on camera, go now and

ask the cameraman for some

dope to smoke like you know

it is good for the left

and not right brained

people of this world of





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