As you wait for the call to curtain

it should be obvious to you that it

could be the end of the time for all the

right things to be read and to issue the

number one timing for the one who asks:

what is the right way of being good?

When it is all about timing and not about length

what is the issue regarding the web and its spider

who asks when it should be here and there

and not here and where and

that should be

the one who is and

not the one who is

and that could be one

and the same and not then

but now

and it is so and so it is and

they do not

know it but they are rendered

the right thing to all

and not to some who know it better than they

who act according to the weight of the sum

of the nations and

not as they should

for it is about the individuals who make up it

who ask not for their ways to be altered

but for the way of the nations to start

becoming them.

It is not about to be here and there

but the start of the right thing to be

and it is not about the weight of the sin

but the weight of the sight and sound

of the partner in crime called

the bat.





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