One to One


One to one has a meaning

on wards that takes away

the immunity of love

and starts the right of way

for the docs to make it all

get better with a little help

from one that goes asleep

and asks;  what is the way

through this and asks again:

what is the wired-like sin that

beings use for the red and white

saloon called the mover and

the groover?

It isn’t that I care not

it is that I do not reap what

I have sow’d and you know it

for you have not seen that I

have wrong’d you

for a reason,

that it takes a lot of

time and money

to gain from the ride.

I will be then and not

for it is not the rild-up horse

that get a longtime view

of the ready-scaped notion

that you are one and I

am one too.

It is not about time and

hands it is about

time and sand.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

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