Tunisia is the one who could not find

the way into the world-wide

without asking to be here with me

for it is said that all the Wron and Write’d ones

are about to be here

when it asks for it

and that is why they all want to be

them and there the ones who ask.


For it is too the ones who ask-ed who want

to see that they are real

they want to be there when it all comes to pass

and the Write’d ones and the Work’d ones all want to be

there for it is cool in the shade

of the palms that make all

the world the red and blue of safaris and plymouths that make

the world go round like a ball

and flamed red and wonderous times

floating by for it is wrong to see

that is is real here.

It is beyond the camdle’s flame

of life, it is not the wrong’d who want it

it is the rose and victory stamps

that ask for it to be.


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