Two-tone isn’t black or white

it is pale anger

for the right to swim

against the tide of man

and then to ask

what Frame do you wish for

you supper, when Roddy does

not want to see you

in his pictorial viewpointer,

which shows it to be the range

and not the irons of culling

that open the doors to the mine

of salt that you wept



If you are too dumb to

do what I tell you

then death shall be upon us

so I will shoot you now

for the freedom I deserve

that would make you maunder

and not sob, for the wet

and dryness of culling is

cool to the breath

and not evil but carefree

to the nature of man.


And the food of love

is no man’s open heart

surgery, but his wont

for more



Hippies know the truth about Che

and his love of fifty year old sex appeal

with virgin monitors of ghosts called khaki

but that does not matter to the fixer

who knows not what it starts out like

just it ends up





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