Ska is for Jesuits who hold back the pack

for they play with whist and emerging vent

for the rights of one to come alone,

for the pack is the right-hand man

of God’s witness on earth,

the wolf of many clothes on the

line of the punto and weather-dew

decollage and strump.


Punk is the Wrong and Right of youth

it is the fullness of light and the start of the bright

-ness of being in the right again

but not ever full of shallow endeavour

of being on the punt and not

the swevour of deeds and wrongful arrests

like mine

of heart and mind, not churn and

youthful praise.  For it is about time

you all recognise sleaze as the real endeavour

of necessity, not paws and reflect

for it is without doubt the full one and

not the empty that does not get

the real end into sout’ and north

beings for  the ruination of long

term era’s of the put-in



Russia is the fantastic place

I long to go

It is for the red and blue and not the rind

and marrow of timous variety

and songbird-like gentleman and charge.

It puts a man at graceful easy-going-like

timbre to be able to make the realtime

stupid and tumeric soft virgin


of like it or not

the wake of the arrow’s flight

is not the easy path to existence

for young alone.





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