Malcolm MacLaren doesn’t know what it means

he’s a punk in another window called Sale

and Use

he is not a wonder of the world

I am and I wonder.

There is not a while for you to sanely

go to the end of the wharf

for the right to iron out

your floor belongings

it is about the right of many

to understand we belong to mighty right-handed usage and

warp and that rights it all down

on the place of all things

called the youf of the planet

and not the rights of armies

who understand nowt

about the subtleties of

politics that use the darnation

of rightwings to be able to

make it to the rentboy’s wonderland

and sue you to the


It is not the foulmeans that tested one

it is the right of all to be here and now

and that is why they do not know

if it is about time or sorrow

to be here in the endzone

wondering where you are!

Why do you live so mechanistically

when you know it is too long before you die

and that makes all the wonderment

go into the rights of all things

under the Tzar’s clothing.


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