Men and women are like Yin and Yang

the dividing line is common

the use of foreplay is the right

of those who do not know it

for it is right to be safe

but not to be sound

for the left is wrong

and the right is bound

with the song of life

and the earth and sun

I am the one

you are not run-

nig for the gravesend

of time.


“Wrong” is of course masonic for Left or Labour.

“Right” is a masonic evil for the right to earn, therefore competition is good, not fair, and so it is the Masonic Urg is to fairplay what the right is to left is to wrong, it is wrong to share and be socialist in ideal, according to the Masonic Acts of Life and Good Hearing According to God, that is, the Mason Bible of Light and Hope and Cheer.  It is “bound” meaning it is fair to womankind only in the shelter of the menfolk who use it to win and they do not know but it is sonnets about the right that make it so to the end of the world known as the man of friends – the Quakers, who fled England to see if they could survive with the use of the mason tiding. That is why they left, not to flee the Queen known as Elizabeth I as Shakespeare will tell you in A Midsummer Nights Dream, or The Right to Will It as it is known sometimes, meaning the right of all to speak and not spoke to, or the women of Shakespeare who learn top be seen and heard, although the Rook or Priest would not have it and therefore gave the parts to young men to be girls, for them giving rise to the eunuch for which Shakespeare has to bear blame though you would not know it from the modern fables about the Arabian Nights and so it is they all do not know it but they are wrong about Arab fetish with young boys for their food of life.

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