The Lib Dems attack me and the Twin Towers

is an attack on America

and no one can see the identity of the

assailant?  It is about the right

of all to promulgate religion

and not be sure of it too

for it is the wrong thing

to adjust the way you speak

and understand that it is the

right thing to do it too

for it is the wrong and the right

way to be there and not

on the real end.  Mo Mowlam attacks the A.N.C and

the I.R.A., Don Foster attacks me for being non-afootal

and not his supporter though he says I am

and I deny it too

so I say it is the wrong timed

admittal to say that it is the right

of all to see that there

is a wrong thing called

aggression that states

that Nick Clegg is the one

who attacks the Americans

and not Arabs.  Too it isn’t then the wrong

but the right who give it to then

and there and not they why and the

wherefore as it be

and so it is that they do not

know it but they betray the cause

for the war, an attack on freedom of the individual

by the right through superfluous invention

of archaic principles inventor of

Right Wing political jihad known as

Al Quaida.


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