Keep it clever and

on the nose, as it is for

your eyes to see

not hear and it is for the right

of all to know it too,

not sued but sowed into

the right of all,

not sawn but shuffled

off the mortal coil’d

amber of all the right

and left sewn youth of today

who do not know it but

they are far away in the

yungter and yusef’d loss

of all things good

in times around the mayhem

of during and after.

It is not they who are not though

they see it they do not know

as it is per the rigths of all

to see it when they do

and not the s’outed-for maybe’s

of shouting and labelling

them so.  For the dear are

unrivalled and not able to make

it for the dance in time,

about when they are able to make

it here too.



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