The culture of resistance

is a form of the being,

to describe all and sundry

if it were known to be it

and not that, for it is not

without the use

of the words of Madiba,

but not the shout, for

it is not the right of all

to be using them,

just the one they call the

starter, for he knows

it too and not there and then

and that is what they all need:

The right to own their own shelf

on the bookcase of love called

“The rendezvous with all”

that comes without the use of

  1. Love is about timing, not

about looking and there is a way of it

that falls before and not in the miles

of yonder, but the short time embrace

of the love of all

they see

and do and that is why

they all ask:  what is it to you

that you do not understand

what love is?

It is not the right of a member

state but a right of all to be

sure about why they ask and

not about the wryly absconded use of the name,

for it called the rights and wrongs

of youth today and that is what

they call it.

Wronged and not righted.  For it it two

and not foursome to be here

and now and never for all then

and now to be endeavoured to

be here and there in the fullscore

of it too.  Bye for now and ask

not what they say

but for the end of tiny usage of

full noughts and go to it

times like ours.



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