It has not been since time began

that I put you to the test,

the want of all to see you there

in the podium position, to be felt

that you could make it to

there and then again

without the needs

of the full and offered

few, to be called the when and

the why.

It should be all too clear

there are terms about to

know it to them that is

the following, they ask not just

the start of all the rites of the field,

to be able to make do with

the prophetizing of Lordly

persons to be able to make

it to the ending of the final book.

It is not about the rights of all few men

but the right of all, to be able to make it

to the riots of flooding tears

through the youth of today

who know it too, though asking is not

that answer since they all give

out the right to be here and

not there, which is starting to hurt.

It faces the beauty in Spring and

arrows to the starting point there,


it is should and shan’t

and not the right of all who need

to be there when it starts and not stopping

for the right of the women to

give it to then and the right of then

is now.


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