Do you remember playing Marco Polo as a kid in the pool

Swimming while blind, unable to tell the water from sight!

The avenues all parked up with cars as we

Should have done but we all collapsed and slithered in

Through the fence instead?

It is true the psychiatrist does not fool

With many things like Soddom and Gommorrah did

But it feels the same

Vandalised by playthings for the poorest of members

Of society as they should be left to

Not the adult population where they all see it as

A way of being true to themselves

Not other people.

It is not what you seem, it is what you

Are, the said, when they asked me what it meant to be here

On the slave shelfed existence to their pool.

It should have been:  It is not what you seen

But what you ‘ave been, that matters the most,

For you are not what you seen but what you mean.


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