THE CINEMA – Looking at You


How would you look if you were about to die –

no choice but not to cry?

Where would you place your influences

under the screen lovers gaze?

Would you continue unfazed by

your existence in their eyes?

Would you ask for forgiveness before

the camera lens?

Would you deem it glorious to be there

when it all came to an end?

Would you give your love for the cinema

to the glens of the eyrie

upon which you feasted, the renderer of rabbits

and snakes?

What makes it to you, the right

of all scene-players, to be there

with you?



  1. 984b gracious scapegoat said:

    I’d get the lumps out of my ponytail, smirk, and flip the bird and a peace sign.

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    • Ha! Great response! I was watching something on Paul Newman and his career on the BBC….and it struck me, it seems mostly actors (the occasional politician) that we get to see every wrinkle of their lives including their last movies and subsequent death. Bearing in mind you cannot cry but a smirk is allowed, you have passed the test and are on your way to stardom! B

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