It’s quite transparent

as I quaff my beer

you all must wonder

why I called you here

It no’ for the fact

of it, no sincerely

I just wish I could

more than merely

the soulful adeptness

of a winner in grog

a manful audacies

here comes the slog-

ger, who works like demons

do, unto the forte

of being a long soulman

no’ given to wort’-

less endeavour like choosing

a rift or a poem

to owe unto you

a reever to slow-em






      • Yes, I ran into a woman in a restaurant last week.

        I told her the story of my past 7 years of Hell since my dad died from cancer.

        And she took my name and number.

        And a week later, she had bought me a new iPhone and gave it to me.

        Thank goodness there are still a few kind and compassionate people in the world.

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