I just bought this movie on DVD (an old favourite) and found it not nearly as funny as the first time I watched it. Still brilliant but very thought provoking. I lived in apartheid South Africa at the time of the movie’s release and it has its echoes, from university student idealism and romanticism to casualties of this war called life. So I decided to write a poem of the same title. This is MY view of the BIG CHILL:



Take a pill for the desire

another for the rentboy to collect

on time

oh time of the also ran

through the brushes with the law

I have my army call-up letter


in a frame on my wall

memories of life that separated

us into those who did and did not

Fear brings us close to forgetting

the useful embrace

of a mother who chooses

now to forget and reject

us. There’s not enough room

for us all on the wall chart

marked Afrika.


Everything seems to come from the South

these days. I stand in the moist wind

and enjoy its soothe, mixing with

my tears.

Nothing is as it seems.




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