I met her on the barber chair and she said to me

“What do you see when you ask for wool in the eyes?”

I answered: “I ask for the redbook and not the blind alley’s

time off for good behaviour”

and she said: “It will be ten dollars more for that!”

and I replied askance-like: “What do you want for meat

and potatoes in the morning?”

She answered: “It would be surprising if you could do it to me when

you all need a friend in the evening and not a lover for you

know it is true

that all the wandering souls of the world are

about to be here and there and not

in their asses like you!”

“It isn’t the way” said I “it is the render of the white that makes

it so good to me and that is why you want to be here and then it shall be too long

for you to be able to make it to the rent and that

shall keep you quiet too” I preached and she asked:

“what is the wrong kind of wet when it is all the

wander and the work?”

“It is the wrong and the left and it is the left and the right-winger?”

say I

and “Toute suite!”



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