Tea with EffVee

Tea with F W de Klerk?

(Effvee to his friends)

Why, my Dear Breakwell

That shall earn you a prize

for better breeding stockings

laddered with incensed fingering

at crotch-like pieces

of venom and snout.


You shameless hussy

You lack the reserves to

make it here

in the wept and

woven useful

thinking of earth.


Your town is gone and

so is you

You make not secure judgements

against those who proper hate you

for you understand not

what it is to suffer

and therefore you extremely

unlikely is to understand

what it is

you are talking about.


No one suffers in your world

and that makes you sure to cry

when this is over

like the last time

in the pub

when I caught

you drowning your

sorrows in a pint

of their best ale.

  1. this poem was emailed to bath university where the current Vice Chancellor is in trouble over over-pay. She hosted de Klerk on his European Tour of 2002, when he came to Bath. They have since closed the pub where I saw him, two months after I was beaten for being South African in Bath. de Klerk was smiling in a jolly way. I wonder if as some Oxford student asked, de Klerk regrets joining the National Party?


  2. Fantastic. Especially at this time. You can bet your bottom dollar De Klerk didn’t regret joining the National Party the so and so.


    • It’s just Policy, apparently to some. Just another gov policy to a student. What a crazy question, huh Petru?


      • All I know is I’m grateful I’ve never developed a taste for politics or wanting to be in government.

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