Jeremy Corbyn is King

There isn’t time to say

what it is I want.

It isn’t the love of a woman

it is the time to be cool,

when no one knows I am here

and that is why I ask:

Is this you? Or is it the rest

of the workers

who ask me to say

that all You, yes, You

are about to see the true hand

of Jeremy C when he asks

what to do with You and not,

what shall I take from You

and give back instead

to the working men and women of

this country who do not

go to polling stations, cos they

know it is fruitful to see

the runners and the way-farers

asking what I want for the

tea time scump-dilli-di-dee

is the use of a pencil

to vote Aye,

to he who asks not

for the vote but the belief

itself in you who are not

able to ask for yourself.




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