Business Friday

Bath by Day or Night


DATE: 23 August 2013. Friday. One pm.
Bath City Centre, UK.
Castro reached up a hand to the low, white ceiling panels overhead. He pushed one up and placed something through the gap. Withdrawing his hand, he let the panel fall back into place.
The short dimly-lit corridor had three doors, one back into the pub and one for the men’s room and the lady’s room respectively.
Castro went back into the pub.
Two minutes later, Vaquero entered the corridor through the same door. With a smooth movement he reached up and removed the small parcel from its hiding place, replacing it with another in his hand. The ceiling panel fell back into position for a second time.
He pushed open the door of the gents and quickly went in, locking it behind him. Unbuckling his belt, he slid the small package into his underwear. In the mirror…

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