I look to you – show me

the way to feel and that is wrong

as you do not know how to make ends meet

without knowing that it is all

about the right of the you

and not the right of me

and you all want to be here

but you do not know I am


in Mandela’s heart

without knowing who

is ether and gas

and who is gas repellent.



It is a wrong thing to believe

it here

when you know it to be


to be here where they all

see it.

It is better to be hidden

and know it, for they shall come

who want more and they shall

get it too

not here

but there

in the rocks of sandy

mountains when all is the better

and not worse.



I want to know and you

don’t, so go to the ends

of the world and find not

what you seek but a rather

more refined number called

one and a half.

I want to know it and you don’t

and that is why I feel

love for the right of all

not to be here when they ask

what it is they won’t do

for they know it and do not say

and that is why I ask:

Do you know?



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