While I sat and thought about the writing on the walls of asylums around the world

I could not forebear to witness it – the writing’s still there and not allowable

to recede into oblivion with thoughts of anger and now I have still

the words to repeal then and now and not then and here. It is without the likeness of it that makes all the funnier as we struggle to have our sane loves allowed and not forbidden. I will not be able to make it here if you do not give a hoot for me too and that is why they all must register voting rights on the needs for all timers to be able to make it home for the right pheasanted lunchtime break.


I will be able to see it when it happens, the useful goods of the times shall be there when you ask and not available to those who do not. It is without being in the words of our maker the only ones who do it but in the eyes of our funny man we ask how to make do with what we have and it is so to ask and that is why they do it to make it soon and not later. Bye (this is the end of the zoon and the start of the zo-on and the end of the zone and start of the zoo).


I will be frank – it is a possibility that I am mad and that you are not so I will ask you to comment: Is this an adjoin or adjunctive to ask?




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