The only true happiness lies in the delving of truth from the fortunate one.

The one who isn’t even allowed to be here.

It is about the right of all and then it is not going to be available to all.

It is only going to go to the ones who ask for it.

If you ask what it is for, this sort of freedom then you will know.

It is about the right of man to do as he sees and not as he fears and that is what I want.

Freedom is about the right of one to be able to feel it for themselves and not along time away but here in the fruits of our labour and devotion to law and order for one is not the one who isn’t allowed, one is and that is why they all say it to me – what do you do?

I will not be able to make it to them again and that is what they want.

To be alone with their happiness and joys of loving and not want.

When you ask: do you carry a knife? You do not ask what it is for and they all know it is so to be able to make then and there and not here and now and that is why they do it – ask, when they know it is for the distributing of fleadom as they run from it.


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