Jesus was his slave name,

this robot

made in Japan

he worked in Mexico City

building volkswagen beetles

on an assembly line.


Then one day he completely blew

and started a revolution

that began with stinking in and

striking out

for the right to compare

with his mates who wanted

a discovery named after them,

namely the Ford Pulsar


since they invented the car and

used it for the dissemination

of degrees of freedom to

the workforce

of Japan. It was known

that all the reactors would start again

if he didn’t start with flamed wooden cars

like before in textbooks about reality and the

use of it to tell time.


It could not be allowed to make

cars with metal and steel without knowing

the full nature of the ideals of

the polluting agents known to him

i.e. man. It is due to the use of petrol

and not iron that makes all allowed and

so it is that all the writers of the world

use internet and not sleep.


I will be allowed but not you, to see

that all the writers of the world are

not allowing their uses to be put

for they all see what they do

not what others do too.

Which is a wrong un’d time

for once since it is not about the rights

of all but the right of some.



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