I have lost two friends prematurely last year.  Both of them were under the care of psychiatrists and not depressed.  This is my answer:


From the time we first met

I have not loved you, Doc

when you decided to needle me

I felt a decisive spark.


With your diagnosis you ask me to

face an early death

two friends down in as many months

soon I will be joining them it seems


Both of them died of side effects

of the drugs they were prescribed

at 49 and 63 and I am right between

should I call an undertaker?


At my age I should have an identity

instead you give me a label

can you tell me the likely warning signs

when I am about to explode, harmlessly


It would seem. Because that is what we do.

Undistressed I plunder on

through life’s impure regimens

but no one will think with me as I go.


“Is it catching, what you have?

we’ve heard what you can do

don’t want to stand too close

but we wish you well all the same.”



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