The silent question above us all is when do you get to be able to make enough to get away? How is it that some are able to sweat and slave and not make enough and others get the job that gets them into flats in Amsterdam where they wield telephonic instructions to get their way through the evils of the planet?

The silent question lies

between us

ready to be said

why is it so, you

ask with such care,

why is it in the red?

The planet’s full

I hear you say

of zealots

pure and simple

Let’s rule them out

with a little law and order

or a shotgun pellet.

Talk about psychosis

there have been a few

who do not know it

but they all see it from

a point of view

that means it is all

about writing

and learning too

not just the facts

but opinions too

and that means a long

time winner is in the poo

Earth, you are not

wanted in this discussion.


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