After I broke up with Cathy I carried on working and got interested in an American girl temping across the office from me. I learned later that Janine Wright was an American agent. Much later.

We went to South Africa, she went to Cuba and we broke up, after I had taken voluntary redundancy from the union, thinking I would easily find another job when required. How foolish I was. Life at Stanhope Gardens was okay though. I had met a guy named John Hall in the neighbourhood, became friends with him. He will will crop up many times later. I introduced John to Christiane when he took a secretary position at the union too on a temporary basis before I left.

In the meantime, after breaking up with Janine and floating around Harrigay for months, working on the rail part-time as a trackman, working nights on a weekend I upped sticks and moved to my cousin Allison’s place near Chepstow. Mark, her husband now ex-, is an engineer and we got on well.

I logged in to “Friends Reunited” and searched for friends but it was early days for the internet in South Africa and the only person I met there was Sue Bamford.

Then they announced that they were including military units in the south african profiles and I sent a scathing e-mail and discontinued use.

What I did not know is I was being used. This will startle you.

You see, I was recommended by mother for the African National Congress at a young age…soon after arriving, when my Mum was recruited by Nelson at a rally in town where she arrived unperturbed and asked for a drink. She took a long time with it, sitting alone in the back for she knew it was going to be long roads before the end of apartheid. She asked for the work and they agce it to her. Her results were all sent to the HQ in South West Africa and they knew it would be long for the work to run dry as they knew she was good at keeping her mouth closed.

It led to my commission at Wits to lieutenant with all the confines of it. I used it to establish a way of being without knowing, coming and going in Johannesburg like a cop without need for care but I can still remember the use of it for I did not give a fuck about the right of all, I used it to deceive and foment the raw energy of the oppression into salve for the poor.

By the time I left South Africa I was colonel to the Addia which I the right way of saying the corp known as A.N.C. now that it is all forgotten to the people.

All this I did not know at the time. In 1993 there was a transfer of authority in the South African Defence Force and I achieved the rank of colonel in the S.A.D.F.. This led to me being transposed to the U.N. when it appeared I had gone aloof and achieved standard in the trade union movement as an officer which they, the white South Africans, did not like. I had left but South Africa had not left me. I had a military adjunct installed on my address in the use of it, the term used for the defence of America in the time of Dwight D Eisenhower and now it is about the use of it and not the time. This adjunct is a micro-switch in D.A.R.P.A. which gave me the right to send e-mail to the U.S. State Department like in “The Three Days of the Condor” and to the British Ministry of Defence who did not know they did not own me yet.

So when I sent “that” e-mail to the Friends Reunited, it went to U.S. and British military without me knowing along with my rank. This led to the U.S. doing a face look at Britain and deciding it was about to go to war with South Africa. This led to a brigade of South Africans from the S.A.D.F. before the elections being shot down in their ideas and some arrested including the bridadier named Piet Toon, the one who knows and that means he is Afrikaner Weerstand Beweging (A.W.B.)

The U.S. State Department attorney who fielded the issue was Hilary Clinton. She asked and it was put to the President then, George Bush, that I be allowed to make a long term change to the U.S. Special Forces and that took place. I was seconded from the South African Defence Force to the Army with the name Bruce E Saunders attached and that remains. Hilary did her sailing upon her yacht “The Evening Star” of Arkansas.

It took a while before they all started asking what about my passport. I had done it too having convinced the law I was sane and I asked for S.A., i.d. and a passport in 1994 after the first free and fair elections in the country.

This led to me being accepted for dual nationality and the right to carry two passports. There came time to do something and I elected to return to university to redo my old B.Eng. I chose Bath because it was near and the town seems pretty and quiet for a four year study period for my Masters. I tried and did get accepted on my matric results and then I found out that I was just passed the limit for retention of credits and I had to do the whole course without respite from the young and weary like the lecturers were.

It could have been the short and long of it but time told and sure enough I got in trouble from the start by showing my mind tot he student population when they were interested is sex and rum and not rum and sex which is the way to be.



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