After I broke up with Cathy I carried on working and got interested in an American girl temping across the office from me. I learned later that Janine Wright was an American agent. Much later.

We went to South Africa, she went to Cuba and we broke up, after I had taken voluntary redundancy from the union, thinking I would easily find another job when required. How fool I was. Life at Stanhope Gardens was okay though. I had met a guy named John Hall in the neighbourhood, become friends with a John Hall who will crop up many times later. I introduced John to Christiane when he took a secretary position at the union too on a temporary basis.

I have been sent in and out of mental hospital too over the last decade courtesy of David Abromovich bribing staff at the Royal United Hospital to put me in and fuck up the notes. On behalf of Glynnis Breakwell who couldn’t be seen to handle the money. Who was put in place by Elize Botha.

Prince Harry needed a way of falsifying my signature which is why Breakwell got her Damehood – for showing Harry my signature on file there at the University. Harry forged my signature on the war orders to invade/attack South Africa with biological weaponry.

And at any moment Robin Williams, Joe Strummer, John Thaw, John Peel are going to rise again.

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