There is an important thing that I know you have already forgotten about. Quest. The Quest of Magnus Malan, the notorious war criminal of the S.A.D.F. during the apartheid war. I had been responsible for the destruction of an invasion and the destruction of Friends Reunited itself, it having been closed down for its owner the John the Baptist Shull, the one who sailed across the Atlantic to sail inwards to Fort Lauderdale where he had the name Piet van Tonder and he painted sail boats. He called me “The Bishop” and the name stayed, the one who had opened the door for Madiba to walk out of prison by asking for the way out by being in the wrong so many times for the South African State they were in a rush to get rid of me before he came out and asked for me by name, such was my notorioty.

But Jane, my sister, didn’t pass on the message when it came ship to shore from my mother in 1990 and that was that. Jane never forgave me for that and it showed when she asked me for money and forgot to give it back as usual which is why I carry Dad’s wallet to this day as a memory of what it is like – fatherhood. Empty all the time.

She also blew my father in South Africa by reporting him to the police in Parkview as being A.N.C. and supplying the type writer spool he used so they could look at the letters he had been typing ot Bockriss, his old boss at Texas A&M where he worked then. Jane got R400 for it and she bought a plane ticket and flew out the country in 1975, not to return for many years.

So….the Brigadier Toon was looking for me as was his squad and they knew where to find me thanks to Hilary who told them at the trial, my name and all, it was on the manuscript.

Here I must stop and explain something. I had an earlier life, noe that did not include South Africa, one that went in Philadelphia as “All American Boy” and it was me. No Sports Illustrated cover for me, I was a gung-ho Panthers fan and not the movie the book nor the film. It was a hotbed of unrest, Philadelphia and I must have picked it up from the times but actually it was me and my mother who got to meet Lyndon B Johnson one time when he was in town and my mother was in the crowd. He picked me to look at and smile with and he said: “This is time for you. What do you want?” and I said: “I want to be a Panther!” and he obliged with a secret meeting aqnd then he sent me to South Africa with my mother and father how knew but didn’t say to see what would become of me without knowing what it was I was supposed to be as I had forgotten and they did not know about the file. But it did mean I was under observation and that meant the South Africans knew about it too.

So, they found at the Bath University and boy did they have fun, they and their gang of assholes including Guy Richie who once stole an e-mail from my intray in 1995, an invitation from Mandela to come and be his Vice-President in South Africa. When he went, Guy Richie, and pretended to be me, for fun he said because I had refused he said, Mandela said to him: “I don’t want to see you little man, I want to see Bruce”, echoing the very words Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had said to Tony been on an investiture when he thought he would be getting his Lordship.

“I don’t want to see you little man” She said to him, “I want to see Bruce” back in 2002.

To be continued


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