It is sure that you don’t understand why anyone would want to kill me. Well I tell you there is a thing as knowing to much and fear amongst the idle rich like Vice-Chancellor Breakwell and her cronies at Bath University like Kevin Edge who used to be CONEHEAD which is short for Commander North East Central, a division of N.A.T.O.

Shortly into my Ph.D., before my assault and attempted murder, Professor Julian Vincent introduced himself as a long serving member of the Labour Party. I relaxed my grip on things and joined the local Labour Party via the Head Office and waited in vain for an invitation to a meeting. For years I waited, years and years, and it wasn’t until Jeremy Corbyn arrived on the scene and his Momentum Group started that I started to receive e-mails from branch reps. Now Jeremy was a pro Palestinian like I so the meeting was significant and so was the branch’s response.

I did not know about the Conservative cabinet and Breakwell/Kobus, but I did know I had seen F W de Klerk at a local pub on Lansdowne hill above Bath when I popped in for a pint at the Richmond Arms and saw him there smiling with a half in his paw. I knew it to be wrong. I said not a word and left but not before I saw Prime Suspect star Amanda Burton sitting there too, dress in a red dress.

During my four years undergraduate degree I had stayed out of politics even although I had experience working for a professional education union. The undergraduate President got a year off and an £8000 grant and this seemed to impress students I gather. But what I began to suspect is that someone had pulled a fast one. Someone was miking me up in a sardonic manner, knowing probably that I had handled the P.A. of a mass meeting at Wits when Winnie Mandela got permission to travel up from Brandfort where she had been exiled. Given her reputation through the press here, few understood how impressed I was with myself, and with Winnie who, with her Pan Africanist message, gave me leave to leave South Africa to avoid conscription instead of staying and fighting the law.

First the Genocide by Apathy quote appearing in the Times courtesy of an interview by Kate Middleton’s friends and then Prince Harry and Breakwell who said she had a Ph.D. in psychology. Boy did they use it on me!

When I had been in South Africa, my brother Stuart told me two things of interest. One, that he was friend with Tokio Sexswate of Rainbow Minerals in South Africa and two, there was a South African, a black South African, in Interpol.

It became clear that someone was trying to turn me.

So I did the unthinkable in 2003/4. Blogging software didn’t exist though it was spoken about in the press. I started using my university homepage given to every student for personal use, as a blog, having first sent every page via e-mail to assorted addresses including every union I could find, the London Head Office of the Labour Party and to the House of Lords. I knew that it went to DARPA in Nevada too. I would put up a page and then take it down the next day, page after page. And to my surprise it had an effect.

During this time I renewed my membership of the Fabian Society, the left wing think tank, and subscribed to The New Statesman, unaware it was edited by Boris Johnson as it was not included on the inner cover, this fact. But I learned a lot from it especially when it changed when they knew I was reading it. They played and I won.

You have to remember I was a post-graduate at a five star research institution with a reputation for honesty through my intelligence file and that stood me in good stead. What I did not count on was how far its influence would spread.

After my return from my visit to South Africa in 2003 I blamed Rosie for what I experienced, her having been an actress at Wits and discontinued communication with her. On campus I noted that everybody was wearing cardinal and ordinal colours and it disturbed me as there appeared to be a conspiracy revolving around political correctness and being colour-blind.

The worst was the pillow-box red adopted by Vincent and Burrows and others for it reminded me of Nikki de la Harpe, a girl I once loved in South Africa who I met again later and had an affair with though she was not married. The sight of this red made me even more angry at Vincent. I knew but could not ask as I knew he would lie.

I started my blog after having written an e-mail to The Times of London after reading about the direction of an education/union dispute in which it was being touted that N.A.T.F.H.E. would bear the brunt of educational reform.

I write a letter stating that it was wrong and would lead to a two-tier education system a la the argument used against de Klerk at Wits as Education Minister to P W Botha, when he was attacking the white universities for being to open to black applications. There we won the dispute after lengthy protests and again I won the argument for the direction of the negotiations changed and the first super-union was formed with the agreement of Tony Blair as N.A.T.F.H.E. (the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education) combined with the A.U.T. (the Association of University Teachers) to form the U.C.U. (the University and College Lecturer’s Union).


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