This is when I became a trade union master. I saved many jobs through that letter as it had been intended to make the entire further education system redundant and then re-employ according to profiling for each position, on new contracts. The further education sector comprised over 100 000 members and I saved them a lot of trouble as Tony Blair agreed.

And so I believe that started watching my blog. Straight away I voice my concerns for my life but that I would not give in. To watch me and learn who was doing what and why because I did not know what was going on.

Locally the Bath Member of Parliament was Don Foster, notorious for using his connections. He was a graduate of the Bath School of Management and had connections there and he, no doubt, had influence over my marking. I saw him this morning while I sat outside Nero’s on the corner of the Upper Borough Walls and Old Bond Street and I gave him middle finger. He has retired from politics and now he is Lord Bath.

But there was a force at work that is peculiar of Bath. The residents like politicians of influence but not Labour. The Bath C.L.P. (Constituency Labour Party) has had its candidate selected by masons for years and this was true of Ollie Middleton, the last Bath candidate. It was important to the liberals that I be Liberal Democrat but I would not have it as these would be aligned with the Democratic Party of South Africa and not the African National Congress.

More than that, I had other things in mind.

Picture 2002/3 for a while. It was the time of Gulf War 2. The first “Stop-the-war” march had taken place which I missed due to study commitments. But I was annoyed at the pride people had in their ability to march in a quiet country – no teargas, no rubber bullets or forced removals…people were allowed to protest unchallenged. And I had been nearly killed in Bath under Don Foster’s roof. The only people who had wanted to know was the Bath Chronicle and I did not trust it so I refused a photo opportunity with my injuries.

I doubt whether the Labour Party had a single new member that year, except me, but I had a degree so I knew what I was doing. As it turned out Don Foster was on the board of the Bell which I had been frequenting for years, where his party’s policy on cannabis was welcomed.

I wanted Labour back in at any cost and I said it. I e-mailed and put policy suggestions on my blog along with music selections and descriptions of my work and my data, what I read and what it said. This was my back-up as I was suspicious that the source of my assault was in fact the University and either the new Vice-Chancellor who had replaced the American van der Linde who went to Warwick University to the north over the M4, or Vincent himself or even more, the faculty of engineering or elsewhere. I was alone with no one to confer with and they knew it from watching me.

I was really pissed off from day to day before I started my blog and I volunteered to tour the new post-graduates to urge them to join the post-graduates guild, even addressing the crowd of new arrivals in a meeting before the Vice-Chancellor when I was manipulated into it, but I would not stand as Chair and thereby curry favour.

I did however volunteer as Mechanical Engineering post-graduate representative along with three others, Kristina Ericksson, Hazel Turner and John MacAdam. We had a webpage and I offered my photo when asked.

I joined the A.U.T for the first time and attended a meeting on campus addressed by the General Secretary Sally Hunt for fixed term contract holders. I became the union part-time rep and gathered names of members so I could recruit. But I got a slant-eyed look from the branch secretary who played squash with the Head of Department of Mech. Eng. Tony Mileham and that did not bode well. I was suspicious, given I had been picked up after the assault by an ambulance carrying a union man. So I resigned as part time rep and continued as a student even though I had a part-time contract to work for the university and I did a lot of tutoring for the Learning Support Unit of Mo Kiscewisc.

And then something happened way down South in my homeland. Sir Mark Thatcher was arrested for planning his kidnapping of Patrice Lamumba while he was in S.A. and purchasing helicopters for an armed raid on Harare with Mike Hoare the mercenary and his cohorts.

I was following the case in the newspapers. Hazel had dome something to piss me off and I asked her three times to remove my image from the webpage. On the third request she did and Zuma released Thatcher from prison immediately. I looked, thought and came to the conclusion I was being watched by friends from afar. And I went on my blog. Independently. I did not tell a single person what I was doing until I told Amy Lodge, who did become post-graduate chair after I agreed and Claire Goodfellow who was in a relationship with June mercer-Chalmers.

But this was after five or so months I think, not immediately. Like my relationship with everyone on campus, everything had changed with the commencement of my Ph.D. and friends all became enemies, every single one.

* * * * * * * * * * *


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