I say I avoided white South Africans like the plague, but in Bath I was left with no choice. First I was interviewed by Tony Miles as an undergraduate, him and Peter Pan that is Jos Darling. Miles is ex-Rhodesian who arrived in Bath via the University of Cape Town. Then I met Susan Gibbs while I was working at Starbucks and she moved an asshole into 11 Catherine Place, a Dutchman named Gavin Andrews who shall come in later, and finally I met Francois du Toit and Jaqui with the springbok tattooed on her shoulder. Peculiar people. Francois was in Management and Jaqui in Social Work, both in their early twenties.

And then there was June Mercer-Chalmers who appeared out of the woodwork suddenly from Management although she had a Ph.D. in Chemistry. She said she was working at the School for Health. Which did not exist. In other words she was working for Breakwell/Kobus. Mercer-Chalmers is one of those public school Zimbabweans with a farm back home and big knockers. Ew! What a waste!

I became aware of local press attention via the Bath Chronicle. It would publish and display on its billboards locally false leads and announcements that I knew were pertinent to me and I had the editor Colin Gledhill come and sit next to my in the Porter on George Street one afternoon, wearing his gold rimmed glasses and smiling to himself. I am sure it was him.

Then I was bored one day while sitting at my desk in the first year and I sent off my C.V. to the Guardian newspaper asking for a job. My matic results were four A’s and 2 B’s and I saw it immediately in Steve Bell’s sheep that made an appearance going BAA! BAA! In Bath, BathFM would play Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” everyday over the loud speakers in the staffroom on campus and throughout Bath and this too made me suspicious. When I went there to their premisis just south of Chelsea Road I saw a poster of Dame Kelly Lewis the runner who trained at the Bath University sports village but I could not think of what to say so I left.

And finally I was working on the Times crossword puzzle which I can never do and I solved a clue! Yes! I solved a clue all by myself, and I can still remember it word for word. “Reason for the angry voice. Songbird of tree and meadow.” The answer is “Plant” as in Robert Plant. When I learned that his daughter Carmen worked for Jeremy Williams at the “Lotus Emporium” and that Marion Rance who smiled at me worked for her as a childminder, I was on the scent and I still am.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The only meeting I went to at Bath C.L.P. was a meeting addressed by the M.E.P. from Coleford, Glyn Ford. At that meeting, Marion, who agreed to come with me which is way out of character I know now, carried a copy of the Bath Chronicle under her arm. That was in late 2002.

So do you see where the Times journalist ex of the Guardian where I sent my C.V. comes in and his bribery of the hospital staff through jealousy and intrigue….or is he Al Quaida with a line on leaking internal security at M?

Anyway, my security file from South Africa got into the hands of the rich public, that became clear to me and I figured, all it would need would be someone from Greenside High who served in the police force like Harold Fleishman or Errol Halsey, to go there and lift the file for a fee. Then it would get sold to Hollywood and back across the seas to Britain. Someone like Robert Plant and Quintin Tarantino for Robert di Nero…

Nelson Mandela thought and the rest of the party agreed, that I opened the door for him. If so I did it inadvertently but the pride should be with all of us, not just mine.

* * * * * * * * * * *


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