The only meeting I went to at Bath C.L.P. was a meeting addressed by the M.E.P. from Coleford, Glyn Ford. At that meeting, Marion, who agreed to come with me which is way out of character I know now, carried a copy of the Bath Chronicle under her arm. That was in late 2002.

So do you see where the Times journalist ex of the Guardian where I sent my C.V. comes in and his bribery of the hospital staff through jealousy and intrigue….or is he Al Quaida with a line on leaking internal security at M?

Anyway, my security file from South Africa got into the hands of the rich public, that became clear to me and I figured, all it would need would be someone from Greenside High who served in the police force like Harold Fleishman or Errol Halsey, to go there and lift the file for a fee. Then it would get sold to Hollywood and back across the seas to Britain. Someone like Robert Plant and Quintin Tarantino for Robert di Nero…

Nelson Mandela thought and the rest of the party agreed, that I opened the door for him. If so I did it inadvertently but the pride should be with all of us, not just mine.

* * * * * * * * * * *

There I was, C.I.A. but I didn’t know it and I thought I was unsupported. But over in the U.S.A. Barack Obama had anticipated that I would do something strange. Given that my security file was abroad put me in real danger and cast another light on the taunt of July 2002. Could it have meant they KNEW I WAS C.I.A.?

My Ph.D. apart from this stuff was okay for the first year on campus. Then the screws were twisted as I shall tell you presently.

The title of my thesis proposal was “The Functional Ecology and Mechanical Properties of Biological Hooks in Nature” and boy, it took me a while to get comfortable with the topic and years of reading and writing. But I got stuck into the experimentation straight away once I had ordered the few papers available on the subject from the library. I struck up a working relationship with Ian Jones Ph.D. in the neuroscience department when I went there enquiring after their newly acquired single phase confocal microscope.

I proffered a fresh burdock hook and he showed me how to mount it on a well slide. Then as a demonstration of the microscope he deftly scanned it and lo and behold I had an image I could store and take back to my desk computer. This was in the first weeks of September 2002.

I dived into my reading too, anything from Andrew Parker on Biomimetics to Richard Dawkins to Stephen Hawking. But the people around me I did not get on with particularly Thomas Hesselburg who had a wild cold smile which I thought a trifle anal like he had something up, tight and painful.

Then I took Ian some more specimens, a bee and a grasshopper and we imaged the two of them together. That became the data for my second paper which you see published by Springer-Open.

My ordered papers arrived one by one and I was dismayed to learn that the paper on Arctium minus, that is burdock, was missing. Surprise!

I had some papers from a professional in the subject, Stanislav Gorb, and I followed his query and investigated the breaking of the hooks in an Instron tester in the lab and was done by April 2003. I presented all these results in numerous reports to Adrian who returned them with little to say other than “take lots of pictures”. Which I did.

I also ceased all contact with Vincent, not going to ANY of the Monday morning group meetings as I started to work at night, all night, to avoid all the people at the office.

I learned that it was Will Self who followed me to South Africa only recently and that he set up Rosie Fiore’s arrival for his own story and he knows the truth about my assault. So does his friend Vincent.

* * * * * * * * * * *


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