I am also a sexual animal Tipper.

If you think that isn’t enough, people used my reputation as an animal against me seeking circum for their loins which pissed me off. But that isn’t what I was going to write, no.

As if that wasn’t enough on my plate, I had the Labour Party using me as a population sampling for the Education White Paper under Ruth Kelly of Tony Blair’s Labour Cabinet so they were tuned in to my activities and Harriet Harmon tried to claim credit for what she was pulling off the e-mail from me at the Ministry of Defence.

And they say I swear too much….

Like a trivial numskull I kept my blog in New Labour colours, black, white and red and I put four ikons in the corners, the A.N.C., Amnesty, the Fabians and one other, I cannot remember now.

The only time I deviated was when it came to the “Make Poverty History” demo. This is where Hilary Clinton came in. You see, I picked uup a free c.d. with a copy of the Guardian in 2003 which featured Bishop Tutu asking “Make Trade Fair”. The c.d. was entitled “Make Poverty History” which attracted my attention. This I put on my blog and Mrs Clinton picked it up and ran with it and the next thing you knew we had the largest demonstration in the history of mankind.

I have the t-shirt: “Nevermind the G-8 Here Comes the Weight” – 8 woman who changed the face of Africa on the back. I had two but one was stolen from my flat. One was for Winnie. It is black, with red and white print which is faded with washing.

There is a story attached to this which I will save for later.

Eventually the pressure was super intense on campus. I had to present an oral examination to transfer my assessment from Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) to Ph.D. which I understood as being an opportunity of presenting new research. Sally Clift, my examiner, part of Miles’ Biomechanics Group, didn’t seem to recognise this and I subsequently learned it was on the Queen’s orders because the Duke of Edinburgh couldn’t stand a long-hair winning his Duke of Edinburgh award at the University.

I weighed things up: money, happiness, pressure, ambitions and I made a decision. I insisted on payment of the last year’s grant which I had been promised, packed up my bags and data and went down the hill into the city and my bedsit. I had not been offered any respite although the campus knew of my psychiatric examinations so I rest my case and say “Tough Shit!”

My ambitions? Ah yes, my ambitions…well let me say they were not clean. They were to fuck things up as much as possible for my antagonists and bring them to task. Like Sherlock, I want my pound of flesh.

Then we had Mo Mowlam visiting the campus in 1999 and asking to speak to the Executive Officer which was Kevin Edge the Vice-Chancellor in charge of Research and you know when it was set-up, for Mo and the movie industry via Robert di Nero to use his stage name again, for you. I was treated like a terrorist by the authorities in the City and I responded like one. They allowed them in, enlisting the help of actors to wander the campus as unregistered students and harass me with eye-catching similarities for my attention and mystery.

Mowlam was very anti-Blair and these morons are going to be the death of me.

During my two and a bit years on campus, I went to five demonstrations, in London and finally in Edinburgh, and attended 22 political meetings from the Fabian Society to the Progressives where I saw Thabo mBeki and he addressed me briefly. “The Baccalaureate” he said to me, a reference to the White Paper and the expected changes to the education system of Britain if I was successful.

The point I was trying to make was this. I knew I was being observed by the security and persons unknown which turned out to be the movie industry and others, like Don Foster. They were desperate to lure me in and would not stop implying I was there as their man iside. But see, it was so easy to get in there and see and experience things first hand, to participate, but I didn’t see any Stop-the-War protestors, not a jot. Heal yourself, Stop-the-War.

I am going to take a break now and do what I always do – it is seen as my Achilles heel. Smoking, for I love it like food too. I buy hash regularly from a good friend with the connections and I smoke. I have smoked since I was nineteen and I haven’t stopped.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


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