Early in my Ph.D. a rumour spread about me. That I had said I was going to shag a local rich bitch, who played up to the rumour unbeknownst to me, by having me sexually harrassed in public by men. After a long ritual of harassment by a mystery person she revealed herself via a message from Saffron of 11 Catherine Place, that she wanted me to look at her ass. She used members of staff and students to achieve her dirty work while I was concentrating on my research and in the end it led me to work nights as I will tell you. The rumour mill in Bath was hard at work and the secret well kept but boy did I meet some jealous people and I did not know why. Just general antipathy.

The timing was poor as I was about to embark on an episode of my life I call the “Genocide by Apathy” tour.

Meanwhile Chris Bannister and Gary Hawley on campus had been making their own preparations for my suffering and subsequent disappearance. Chris paid for his Ph.D. from Hawley who is current Dean of Engineering and Al Quaida so his need to see me excluded is clear.

Peter Gabriel, another local hero from Box just east of Bath, also overstepped the mark by inserting a spy in my sister Claire’s camp in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, and this confused matters further when I recognised his finger-print.

My first ever academic paper, unedited by any other eyes, was cited last year, a year after publication, in a book of fundamental plant anatomy for “further reading”, in Biomimetics.

I need to talk about time now and timing for these play a phantom role in my story, acting in uncertain and certain ways that appeal to my humour but not my staying power since it has been a long haul of suffering at the hands of the mental health system in Bath.

Me and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath, Glynnis Breakwell – well, she is not a stupid woman to say the least. No this woman is a Nuffield Scholar, she said. And it is complicated.

David Aaronovich was going his own way and leaking the subjects of my e-mails copied to him to a lady in the Bath Constituency Labour Party named Mary Flitton. I was made to feel all the national policies progressing though labour at the time, because, as Bono sang, I gave him something to feel. Pain. This was Mary who is a part of the Royal household and has an independent income. By law she should not be involved in politics but she lied and was branch secretary for a long time until she fell ill from booze and got worse. Again this is for the showing and not telling and that si why you should see her, blank faced and bitchy all the time.

For sex I shall introduce you to the swingers club off of Henrietta Park in the centre of Bath, not far from the rugby club of Mike Catt…

and Neal Back of England Rugby fame and now a green man too and Gavin Hastings of Scotland.

Graeme Outram was a part of the research group, a resident of Bath and he was part of a phantom tooth assault that I shall describe presently which came from off campus via him and Dr Adrian Bowyer, my supervisor.

Then there was Fernando of Chemical Engineering staff who was the campus link with the town and organised campus support for their campaign via the Bath CLP. His volte face on me was extraordinary and violent, with rhohypnole on the menu through his friend Steve and a masonic hangout called Bonghi-Bo on the Upper Borough Walls. I woke up face down on my bed and checked my belt to make sure it was still fastened. With no proof there was little I could do but I found out later I was followed home by Neil Whiting of the St James pub with a broom stick for insertion in my rectum but I shut the door in his face and he could not get in.

Now I shall describe Bath and its peculiar politics. In the hands of Mary Flitton, Bath Labour suffered election after election. The battle was between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party of which the past Chancellor of Bath University, Chris Patten was a member. He was governor of Hong Kong and then strategist behind John major’s victory. The most hated man in Hong Kong, he would see that Chinese migrants from the mainland were arrested and tortured before being sent back to China as a warning with all their teeth knocked out by Breadboard, known as Neil Whiting now.

So you can see the brutality that is barely beneath the surface here.


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