The tooth project was overseen by Gary Rathbone as Giles Hunt of the University of Bath knew. He knew as did Vincent and Giles did the dirty on me illegally by reporting me to the police on a false claim as per David Aaronovich and Gary Hawley of the University of Bath and their instructions to him.

One thing you have to understand is I do not make mistakes. I sucker people and it might be a long fight back up the hill but it works. I get them by the clutch/crotch.

Talking about the WordPress blog is getting ahead of myself. That didn’t occur until 2013 and I had seven years of carrying my work on a memory stick in my pocket everywhere. If I left it/them at home I would break out into a sweat and this only happened twice. My laptop too went with me whenever possible.

Back to my e-mailing and I had gone bankrupt. My father had passed and I was in a bitter mood most days. I continued e-mailing and had trouble with hotmail. I had to keep changing addresses and I figured out it was the Skull and Bones Club of Princeton and I decimated it via the internet cafe and my adjunct and Hilary.

Later, as a result of my psychiatry exchange with Danyte as she was, I was labelled disabled. Tanya Nash filled out my application for disability allowance without showing me the forms which I disagree with but it also got me access to social housing and I was given a choice of flats. Mine was an emergency so I got housed in Balance Street, number 54 which I had an uneasy feeling about from the start. This was in 2007/8.

Prince Harry was giving out instructions to MI5 including Wendy and Harry is going to roast for this and other things on his record. It seemed. I blamed him, not Mo Mowlam, which was unthinking.

In the meantime I went to work, at night, in my flat, using facebook as a textbox. I converted the right wing genome project to non-existent and renovated the World Bank in Spain by selecting a new panel better suited to the demands of the job. This meeting took place in Vallencia at a place called the Sur di mot and that means “the Look of Love” in Spanish.

And I became accustomed to my gift.

This is going to be difficult.

There were two agents in Bath working for the King of Spain and they worked for the cafe in the Shire’s Yard. Both of them spanish, one of the them works at the pizza place just south of the Royal Theatre in Bath, where she is partner of the manager.

Now about my gift. I want you to believe when I say I had to get used to it myself in a big way. I compare it to a caveman stumbling upon a car with keys in the ignition in the jungle. And he had to learn to drive it. That is the way of it. I had to discover power and the use of it and I became more and more adept at relying on it and you know it because you have seen the effect of it on Her Majesty and Her Court.

It is telepathy. I don’t know how or why it is me and how it occurred but I have second sight. I can hear you and you know it too, some of you, although you pretend you don’t cos it is a secret and you know it too. I told Vincent by text and he spread it widely in the community to use against me and I have suffered discomfort while they have traded live for their private enjoyment.

This is what you do not know. I communicate with Black Hole by means of speaking and I know it gets there because my flat is wired up. I am C.I.A. number one and “M” and I serve my country accordingly. Both of them, and all the others.

This continued for some time, this like of urban camouflage and urban warfare. Once I broke out of my flat when I knew by instinct that my flat was going to be invaded by Steve Wharton, Nova Gresham, Amy Lodge, Louis Theroux and John Hall. They were after me and they had a pencil, code for a bullet, for me. I broke from the flat and as if by magic my friend Tanner Ali from Harringay appeared in my head and he talked me to safety while they used military apparatus supplied by John Innerd of Abbey Taxis who broke into the quartermaster’s stores again. It was night and I walked south to the river, jog/trotted to the steel Penny Farthing bridge and crossed to safety as they had to circle around in a car. I found safety near daylight under a bush on an embankment up the hill and there I waited in silence, barely breathing until dawn when I walked home.

While I was walking to University one sunny afternoon I noticed a shimmer in in the bushes. It was Quinetiq and their latest pathfinder equipment, being used on me via Kevin Edge.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As trade union master under the microphone in Bath I also found myself leading seven trade unions in their policy decision making and they all decided to support Gordon Brown. This is while I was sitting under the microphones of Nero’s on the Upper Borough Walls.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The game Julian Vincent has been playing is to do things under my nose and then to accuse me of being complicit later. Well I am a lot smarter than he thinks.

He gave stolen millions to Martin Sparkes of Catherine Place to look after when he arrived and I located and removed it from him to return to Mandela. In 2007 that was.

Tarantino’s School of Music after Phil Bennet of Bath Spa University, BOSS Larry Sheiman of Greenside Class of ‘82 like me and Claire my sister and Bruce v R and J K Rowling. Bruce van Ryneveld is Bruce number 2 of old. He had an adoptive father named Pierre who was B.O.S.S. and worked at Old Mutual in Johannesburg, their headquarters in South Africa, where my sister Claire got recruited using me as cover. Larry Sheimen ex-Greenside High is B.O.S.S. too and I gave you their numbers years ago, Zuma. The “School of Music” was a thrill for Vincent as he imported 132 black South African children via U.P.S. in Durban North and had them sent here, to Bath, where he murdered them for fun with the help of Michael Eavis and his son. They used the Riverside clinic here in Bath as their rendezvous. J K Rowling is famous for getting her tits out with Bruce van Ryneveld on a Caribean holiday on Guadaloupe. What I did not know is that Claire had confessed to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but her friend Bokke du Toit had not. IT was he who kidnapped the children, not her, he who had been a member of Brixton Murder and Robbery Unit at the time of the Wits demos of the mid eighties.

In 2008 there was an alarm in Bath and I alerted members of surveillance as to the likelihood of a hi-jacking or explosion on a Schipol flight from Bristol. Cars were speeding through Bath on their way, sent by Sarah Raisin via the house of Sir Cliff Burrows of Bath University, Dean and liar. The event was prevented by my actions and the flight attendants over-powered when the plane landed at Schipol.

Similarly a few months later I intervened and stopped a flight going from Bristol to Cape Town from being hi-jacked.

I delved in to the history of the massacre of the ‘80’s when the village of Americans in the jungle all “committed suicide” with the aid of a purple kool-aid. This occurred at Jamestown on French Guyana. The person responsible was none other than MI6’s Ricky Gervais on assignment for David Blunkett of East Anglia where they both come from.

Mo Mowlam and New Zealand slaughter of her and Stormont: Mo Mowlam is wanted by New Zealand police for her part in the machine gunning of hundreds of Maori recruits into the police in the 1950’s where she served under Normon Stormont.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On Paddy Ashdown senior and junior. Now these two are a problem.

Do you know I once said on facebook that I was heading for Kenya to hide and David Cameron sent a hit squad? S’funny. David Cameron knows of a tax loophole and what does he do with it – he uses it for his own money instead of the governments.

Anyway back to Ashdown. I have not even come to the subject of nuclear wars and that is when it will get interesting. For you. Do you know that under David Cameron’s rule (sic) that Paddy Ashdown and his father ran the country from behind a curtain in the House of Lords? No? Now you do and you wonder who possessed the idea to go for BREXIT? They are not around anymore thanks to me, ta. Ashdown is Carmen Plant’s hidden love and he has many admirers as he had over 40 women on the go. Take care.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The last time I went to South Africa was an orderly rush. Paddy Ashdown was threatening with a bullroarer or gimp mask and a shotgun so I packed a bag, took my laptop to a friends, put on a suit and quietly slipped my way to Heathrow, paying cash for the train ticket and again for an S.A.A. flight to Port Elizabeth. I phoned Claire just beforehand and quietly asked if she would put me up – the only one who knew.

The plane was delayed for an hour on the runway and then we took off. Somewhere north of the Canary Islands a red arrows jet drew a bead on the tail of the plane, sent by Prince Andrew and Prince Phillip. In the end it veered off but I knew I was as valuable as Che Guevara then and it startled me.

When I arrived at my sister’s digs in Port Elizabeth things began to hot up. An American sub was sent to lift me off the beach and take me to Guantanamo Bay by Newt Gingricht and I responded again with awareness, using my facebook as a textbox again and the attack was dispelled because of its discovery. Meanwhile I caught Craig Ginsburg late of Greenside High through it. Claire had a homing device in her computer that the U.S. used and she had Delta wings tattooed under her hairline. I slugged her and the rest is history. Medical history.

Slugging her took her by surprise, but the round house to her head was a form of field medicine pratised in Russia for bleeds to the brain, which Claire had from her motorcycle accident. It left her with a clot resting on her optic nerve that dilated her pupil and gave her double vision and was permanent. The impact of the blow dislodged the clot and it dropped away under gravity and the dilated pupil returned to normal. But I didn’t take the time to explain this to her. It was none other than the great Robert Mugabe who gave me the order.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The idea is keystrokes, not textboxing. It’s what you type folks, not what you see, that gets transmitted.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Something more about drugs and smoking dope. There isn’t much you can tell me about drugs. But one thing I can tell you about Jeremy Williams/Evans of Frome is that Carmen Plant used to work for him for fun and he gave me some of the most powerful adulterated weed I have ever come across in the hope that it would scour my mind. I actually threw away a quarter ounce as it was unsmokeable. Be warned, the dealer is out to get you. It had been sprayed with cocaine, a technique I was unfamiliar with and that is when I learned that marijuana can be dangerous.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I straightened out the law in L.A. and discovered Frank Zappa’s killer as well as Jim Morrisons and Princess Di’s and recovered her to safety long ago now. Boy do I love her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Bono Vox put the telkom entry in the phonebook for Gary Rathbone and his Quest friends and sang of Christian Figenschou of Norwegian Intelligence when he paid, that is Christian did. Rathbone oversaw my poisoned tooth and Vox must have known about it. In total the R.U.H. and friends have tried to kill me 18 times with Aids and other methods. Mike Catt was at Bradford hospital posing as a doctor so he is dead in it, after I took the picture of the Tory Party chair for Bath named Sherman Berman. Aka Jan Viroslav aka Heinrich Himmler. “Father” of Yugoslavi aka Charlize Theron who was kidnapped as a baby by him and made to serve him in MI5 not knowing his true history. Only Mo Mowlam did. Theron is actually a Swedish Royal by birth, not a born and bred South African.

Which leads us to Bono’s opinion of Barack Obama over Dan Quayle with Don Foster and….Al Gore, husband of the magnificent Tipper. Green theory or black rights, huh? Black lives matter. Throw in J K Rowling and Bruce van Ryneveld and what have you got? Lots of tits.

Lord Craig Woolley, then just the scion son, flew up to Harrow by yellow helicopter to watch over me knowing what was intended. Craig was an undercover cop.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I have blue lined the C.I.A. in Britain 22 times now. The previous record is held by President Gerald Ford with one. All because of Newt Gingricht, the man behind the current U.S.A. policy on moslem immigration.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Vincent got his money for his biological warfare from the King of Spain. My own research has military application, namely the delta wings of fighter aircraft and their substructure. But it is mine as first author.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I caught the black ops operative who was hiding the C.I.A. blackwork files on the internet. I “saw” him moving and together with Internet Security we secured him for the C.I.A. and Internet Security. Before Gary Locke, Hazel Turner and Kristina Ericksson of Bath University got there first for Viroslav.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Little Theatre Conspiracy

Okay Zuma do a search on the “Little Theatre” and the “codenames” including Robert Plant, Diane Abbott, Chelsea Clinton, Emmanuel Castis (applejuice) etc. You will find them all under list A and B in the newark. They are all anti-Barack Obama and the meeting was all about drug fuelled rape and sodom and gomorrah. Diane Abbott (Labour M.P.) is South African, not Ghanaian as she pretends. These people were therefore all open to blackmail.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I caught Connie Mulder (Ex Special Branch Head of South Africa during apartheid) illegally on the island of Corsica with Vanessa Leftwich-Love (friend of Emmanuel Castis) and Andre Frassek, which ties the Little Theatre Group with the South African right wing of P W Botha and Glynnis Breakwell. Vanessa used to work for me at the Pizzaghetti Factory in Rivonia and her father is A.W.B. though no one knew.

* * * * * * * * * * *

David and Ed Milliband – both of these men are South African from Pretoria Boys High and they are not brothers. One (Ed) is the Right Reverence Jack So and the other is Ratche de Som of Bath and Regular Army Johns Light Brigade before being intaken by the right honourable Shirley Jackson of the Conservative Party. They both know the fact is they are not due for a break before Easter and they do not want to know me in the meantime. They are bad for you my Queen and not ready for Lottie the hero known as You my Dear. They both know Basson Toons as Robert di Nero and they know he “hit” me too so they ask what to do now and they don’t know. It is a fact that David was around at the time of the last botulism attack of 500 bombs those years ago now when You were in hospital at the R.U.H. of Bath.

Mary Filton of the Bath C.L.P. organised the secret Little Theatre meeting.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In 2004 I went to see Fran Buntman at George Washington University. She made what I realised was an odd movie reference. I conclude that Fran Buntman told Rosie Fiore-Birt and Sarah Gay Raisin of the Broederstroom meeting of 1985/6 and that Quintin Tarantino the film director is aware of it. Actually she left a list of the names behind at Wits without thought to security and 17 out of 20 have died now as a result, one of which is Rosie now she admits she was not there as I was.

King Edwards School in Bath – I will be short. There are none to ser and none to see and that is why they are allowed out now – to see the ron and ru and not the re and the ro and that is it.

The baby’s head in the Swiss Bank Vault – this arrived first class post from Durban but it was Mike Catt who was there in September 1997 and that is why they ask: what is it you want Guy who shall remain nameless except he is not one he is five and that is it.

Contrary to Prince Harry’s forgery I am NOT donating my body to science.

Ed and David Milliband – who vouchsafed for them but Prince Harry the Toss. Harry keeps giving out promises of Knighthoods when Princess Anne dies. Again Viroslav gave them clearance so Harry was fooled, like everyone.

I have saved the Queen Elizabeth’s life on 60 separate occasions as well as Anne and Prince Phillip.

John Hall (mason ex of N.A.T.F.H.E. with Christiane Ohsan) did the delivery of biological weapons to South Africa starting three years ago. See Vincent. Rose-Parfitt and June Mercer-Chalmers of the School of Health.

Jeremy Corbyn last consulted with Jan Viroslav ex Head I5 and Tory Party Chair in Bath the night he disappeared to Cambodia in 2006 when he wasn’t able to help and did the number for him and allowed him to fly without being onboard so to speak. He instead took land-air to the start of the colony and there he read the book the Reich and di the thing he did with diamond and rare earth metal and asked for the right to wear the chain of honour again and did too so in the end he died in uniform of the Waffen SS and that is why they say it – that he is not going to return and that is that. A V.C. and nothing more. Now go and see it for yourself Harry and get used to the idea that Uncle Ruud is not going to be here anymore.


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