I have been pursued by MI5/6 ever since I left South Africa. When we sailed from Gran Canaria in 1990, two MI6 agents were found dead on the island. They had been sent to kill me. But someone got them first. I know who but that is not of your concern.

When David Cameron went to China he took copy of my research with him to get China to publish it. Instead they cut of his hand for theft.

Too many white South Africans think that living under apartheid was not so bad. They have not felt the pain of drawing their last breath in police custody. They did not vote with their feet and leave, they stayed, loyal to the soil beneath their feet, not to the new government and its guidance.

They do not see black South Africans as human with nerves, pain and blood and brains. They think not of the black South Africans ability to remember, to retain.

Even member of the End Conscription Campaign like Gary Rathbone. They stayed.

I am not like them. I am African National Congress and boy am I proud of that fact. Fuck you all!

Barack Obama was not invited to Nelson Mandela’s funeral and now he thinks I am his plaything. Ha!

The press fucked Hilary for making me known to di Nero and boy is he cursing me, and his friend Nick Farage.

It was Bath MI5 head Jan Viroslav who was hunting me and when I came to Bath, I was too close for him to do anything. His brother is still here, in the Tory Party. He eats at The Adventure Cafe where passports are freely available through Tony Matteo of Batheaston and his mother.

I am NOT just A.N.C. and C.I.A. 1 in Britain and M. I am uMkhonto we Siswe. A man.

I am getting closer now to something you know nothing about – a tail of near nuclear war, when I had to slap the Queen for giving up, and protect Her again and again from Harry and his wretched brother William and Kate who were planning a life in Kentucky, U.S.A. William is a gay as a fruitcake.

And what the fuck – I’ll tell you a little story about Barack Obama, his twin brother, his bomb planting in Times Square and his affection for his daughter with the Swastika under her nipple.

Who knows what you believe and what is true.

What you might like to know is that I am already famous and have been most of my life though I have been unaware.

Try these: My twin: “Underworld – underneath the radar”

Franz Ferdinand: “Franz Ferdinand”

The Killers: “My Brightside”

All about me.

I am a throwback – I have the same genome as my ancestor Robert the Bruce and I am Crown Prince of the U.K. and Prime Minister. As of yesterday.

Oh no you say – I do not believe it! Well, remember the Canary Islands airplane disaster of the ‘70’s and the death of Viscount Mountbatten? Well that was a young geezer named Gary Rathbone whose father was Black Sash in South Africa.

Keep laughing.

To be continued.

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