“This is the doctor. Everyone on the dancefloor!” Underworld.

Now that you have come this far, reading me, I am going to confuse you and speak about liars and betrayal. Not everything is as it seems. I am going to be talking more about Bono and Quest, about War Parties and death. But first…

As I said, this is an active book. Last night we rounded up the last of Al Quaida. And it included well known D.J. Chris Evans of London. And we routed twelve nazi’s out of Bath. This is the scary thing. These bastards had a strange regeneration appliance concealed upon their bodies that allowed them to rejuvenate after burial if they were not treated accordingly and dissected and separated into individual body parts and disposed of separately, especially the penis which concealed a mechanism that had to be broken to allow them to die. Mossad picked them up. One of them was Jan Viroslav a.k.a. Heinrich Himmler’s brother, Heydrich.

On the subject of BREXIT it must be said that all those M.P.’s advocating BREXIT were involved in a conspiracy to invade South Africa for Quest without a War Party since I uncovered their existence, alone. These M.P.’s ignored the articles of war to vote to launch an assault on South Africa via biological weapons and as such they all must be punished. They can no longer serve as M.P.’s and must be punished for war crimes in the U.K. so we can see that justice is done.

Speaking of betrayal, my buddy Rodger Bosch has been arrested for the attempted murder of Mandela and I am the one who fingered him and who saved Mandela at the time, some four years ago.

Rosie Fiore-Birt was recruiting for the mason heroin mensch of Bath and she said she was at Broederstroom as did Sarah Gay Raisin of the F.S.A. which is patent bullshit.

It goes much further than that – Dr Julian Head was working (and still is) for Jan Viroslav, then head of MI5 for Mo Mowlam, and for Ken Livingstone, who I have already identified to the authorities as being responsible for a mine disaster in South Africa in the early seventies. He has used an egg donated by Princess Anne in his work and my sperm to produce offspring here in Bath, four of them, who fortunately, apparently, reviled their surrogate parents to escape the clutches of the Nazi Party here in Bath.

You have to understand that Julian Vincent and Giles Hunt of the Bath University both worked as Intelligence Officers. Vincent was in Yugoslavia ostensibly hunting nazi’s after the war but actually he was recruiting, hence the album by the Rolling Stones “Let it Bleed” after the manner in which nazi’s used to have their blood groups tattooed upon their arms to know how to achieve blood clotting when wounded. If you lay two men bleeding next to each other of different blood groups, this will lead to clotting. It is a form of field surgery.


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