A few scintillating titbits

George Zuma is his real name and he is one of three children.  He did not leave school he was booted out for smoking in the yard of his school about four years after he started.
Then he began his named game of being A.N.C. BUT he did not realise he was good until he was told by Mandela that he could be intelligence officer for the transvaal.  He did not go.  He stayed north of Pretoria and pissed it up in shebeens until he saw that they the ANC would need help so he went to Rhodesia to meet Robert Mugabe who told it like it was and said he was not good and unhealthy for the ANC cos he would not do what he was told and make do.  He tried to go south but never made it to Johannesburg until he heard me sing and gave me a chance which led to me being able to make it.
But he did not know i would be here in South Africa/Britain when he needed me as he would not go to the board meetings that were held everyday.  He would instead smoke and drink himself to death hoping for reward when the time came a Mandela died.
This is about him and me, the start and end of a friendship which lasted 15 years.
Jamie Sheel is his real name and he is masonic and rue that is able to make it without being in the end the one who doesn’t need a share of the earnings as he would be in the Labour Party and that should have been enough but it wasn’t.  He set up me to fall with Paddy Ashdown but he came uinstuck when I ran to South Africa and he followed with Vincent who tried to kill me with a submarine from Newt Gingricht.  This led to him being able to say he was wonderful, did Jeremy Corbyn and that led to the days of being in the air and not ground like now.  He is old tired and stupid and not able to sit down as he has aids which I know as he raped Kevin Fisher my friend a month ago for fun.
This is not the end but the beginning.

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