Benito Mussolini in Bath

Benito Mussolinin lives in Bath since 1943 when he was deposed.  He still lives here having been rated by SS Waffen Jan Heydrich Viroslav though he does not know it and I do for he is about to be found as a child molestor and that is that, known to Ollie Middleton as The Duce and his mother where they all ask: what is wrong with you Jane as he is about to tell me to leave and that is why Sarah and all want me to move, so he can leave the city and go home to Italy and make it all right there for the reds and whites and that is what they ask, for Benito to come home.
he is Benito Re or Raphael and that is what they call him, a work of art and he is posed as man but really he is scum to children who he eats and eat him for their dinner and that is why he is good for one thing only – the work of one and he is too a pederast and a sumner after Gordon his “son” of walk who is green and therefore reliable as a duffer for supporting green theory as ruled by You, Harry and You Bono the fool for asking it of me when I know more about science than they do and it is so you do not understand the simple fact of lighting and dark.
I know you are wrong and i will not stand for it and YOu Eagle are going to go south and that is it.

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