On the military backspace – to Keyensham Police

Every officer has one and they keep it safe.
But also so do people like Royals including Harry the perp and his brother william.
Now Harry does not have a degree and cannot be an officer in spite of the red cap in his wedding photo.
Willie has one and it says he is incompetent to lead.
Now you know.
CN121 and CN125 and CK127 and CT127 etc
Bruce the One and Only
My backspace says “Instant win and new to the game he is brilliant and none the  better”
CN125 and CN127 and CN126 and CT128 and B129 and B125 and B126 and B127 and B128 and B127 and B125 etc all the way to the end of time and that is why they ask what do you do to Harry and Willie who know not how to win an eight from pairs of twos.

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