Mugabe is the only person who stood up for me

He is the ONLY one who walked out of the U.N. on my behalf while you all followed the nazi’s of Bath etc.
HE is the only one and that includes the fucking Queen and her emissary.
And the British Foreign Secretary of that mother fucker Blair.
NOW she thinks I am cool.#
Now they all love me.
BUT it is not my fault as I said in my draft.
I trust NONE of you.  None.
Except for people like Uhuru Kenyatta.
Rodger Bosch and Nelson Mandela
A101 and A104 and A106 and A108 and A110 and A112 and A117 and A118 and A119 and A117 and A118 and A117 and A116 and A115 and A114 and A112 etc
From the Fuckwit, the runner.
Diamond white – the cider that is 8% – that should make you pissed

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