I have been Intelligence for the African National Congress since I was 18 and I am now Head of the A.N.C. This I did not find out until today. 8/7/2019.  That I have been intelligence for so long.

It is not a fact to worry about that I am so sure you do not understand me but I am not the one you should worry about – it is the one with your mother who does not give a shit about you really as he wished you to leave home so he can have his wedding day again wihout you being in the way and that is such a duelling game that all of you need to understand it is not you, it is he who is making the mistake in educating you differently and saying he loves and misses you when you go to college without knowing what to study and how to do it with no money, but he Wants you to he says, to make him proud of you.

You do not understand it but it is not love he displays but power and possession and it is not about you but he who is to do what you do for you. IN fact he hates that you are better than he and you best understand it is not about the sameness of you but he difference he does not want.

You have to display a number of reasons not to do it and that is why they say it to you – that you are not white but sensible and that is why they say it to you – that you are not right unless you stop thinking about his and do it your way too and that means rejecting him and not liking him unless he gives in to your will in which case you will find him amenable to you staying on condition you learn the fact of life: He is boss, which will take you nowhere unless you see it for what it is – a bribe to make you come to his funeral without knowing why and that is factual. Not accurate you think now, but wait until you are older and learn of all the mistakes he made raising you and THEN you will find out you are your father.#

to be continued


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