I got my Koran today

I have lived in Bath England for twenty years.  I have never been to church or a service in the famous Bath Abbey.  In the U.K….

Too much is built to “honour” God in the Queen’s name who my Divine Right is closest to God.  Big Abbeys and Churches and Cathedrals which are amazing architecture but they are monuments to thinking that Should be buried and forgotten.  But this is England and that is what I do not get – this is why I love Africa so much, a place where the church is foreign.

In England, it is the muslims who want to be loved.  It is the Christians who do not give a fuck.

I met a Kuwaiti student in Bath for six months today and he took me.  Bader took the time to show me how to cleanse myself before reading my new book.  Such a gentleman and new friend easily made.



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